Monday, May 28, 2007

Mail Art Exchange year 2007

Tea Time Mail Art Exchange

Zarina, Malaysia to Tuula, Finland

Zalita to Margaret, Malaysia

Yasmin, Malaysia to Michelle C, USA

Valerie, USA to Ashley , USA

Jean A, Singapore for Valerie, USA

A bellpull Mail Art by Margaret W, Malaysia for Lillie, Malaysia
Lillie, Malaysia to Dawn B, USA
Michelle C, USA to Joanne, Malaysia Jean S, USA to Yasmin, Malaysia Dawn, USA to Aw FC, Malaysia
Aw FC to Rozita, Malaysia

2007 Surprise Me !!

Yasmin, Malaysia to Karol, USA Valerie, USA to Zarina, Malaysia
Rozita, Malaysia to Angie , USA
Margaret, Malaysia to Jean S, USA
Martha B to Zalita, Malaysia
Marie, USA to Lillie, Malaysia
Lillie, Malaysia to Marie, USA
Karol, USA to Baidah, Malaysia
Jean, USA to Margaret, Malaysia
Aw FC, Malaysia to Cindy, USA

Aniza, Malaysia to Leona, USA

2007 Summer Sampler

Zarina to Baidah, Malaysia
A bellpull Mail Art
Yasmin, Malaysia to Ulla, Finland Tuula, Finland to Yasmin, Malaysia
Nima, UAE to Lillie, Malaysia
Lillie, Malaysia for Tuula, Finland
Joanne, Malaysia to Nima, UAE
Baidah, Malaysia to Janien ,Belgium

2007 Stitching Accessories

A theme called for designs related to stitching Dawn, USA to Jean,
Jean to Dawn, USA Gwen,USA to Lillie , Malaysia
Replacement piece by Gwen
A beautiful stitched piece that never arrive
Stitched by Gwen for Lillie
By Janien, Belgium to Margaret, Malaysia

By Kita, USA to Tuula, Finland

By Lillie, Malaysia for Janien , Belgium
By Margaret, Malaysia to Marika
By Tuula, Finland to Gwen, USA

By Zalita to Joanne , Malaysia