Monday, August 23, 2010

Stitching Accessories MA (Closed)

Send a MA depicting Stitching Accessories. You may stitch any kind of accessories designs (bobbins, scissors, needles etc) in any colours. Enclose a stitching accessory (a pkt of needles or a skein or two of floss or a tape measure? Anything stitch related). Send off by 5 July 2010.
Signup open to members of Mail Art Friends group only.

Participants are :
Ann B, USA - mailed / received
FC Aw, Malaysia - mailed/ received
Lillie, Malaysia - mailed/ received
Margaret ML, Australia - mailed/ received
Margaret W, Malaysia - mailed/received
Sari S, Finland -

Remember to snap a photo of your Mail Art before mailing and post to the group immediately when you mail/receive your MA and also upload a photo of your receive MA to the group.

Possibly sent by way of a secure posting for safe mailing.

Happy stitching everyone.

Note : This exchange has been successfully completed
Edited : 23 August 2010

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